All Important Shortcut Key for Windows

Windows Shortcut Keyboard
 Important Shortcut Windows Key 

All Important Windows Key Shortcut you should know.
The shortcut is a combination of keys (Keyboard) to running a command on a computer.

There are so many key combinations (Shortcut) to run a command from your Windows. For Example: “CTRL” + “C” for Copy and “CTRL” + “V” for Paste, and so many more…

For someone who has been using windows for a long time, maybe a lot of them have memorized the key of the shortcut. but for beginners who are new on windows, it’s good to learn a combination of shortcuts to facilitate your work.


Here’s the Important Shortcut for Windows

 CTRL+A Select All
 CTRL+C Copy Files, Selected Items, etc
 CTRL+X Cut Siles, Selected Items, etc
 CTRL+V Paste
 CTRL+Z Undo
 CTRL+Y Rendo
 CTRL+B Bold
 CTRL+U Underline
 CTRL+I Italic
 CTRL+ESC Open Start Menu
 CTRL+ALT+DELETE          Open Task Manager, Reboot
 CTRL+TAB Move Trough Property Tabs
 CTRL+DRAG  Copy File
 CTRL+SHIFT+DRAG Create a Shortcut
 CTRL+HOME To the Top
 CTRL+END To the Bottom
 CTRL+> Next Word
 CTRL+SHIFT+> Selects word
 F1 Help
 F2 Rename Selected
 F3 Find All Files
 F4 Open File List (Dropdown in Dialog)
 F5 Refresh
 F6 Shift Focus (Windows Explorer)
 F10 Activate Menu Bar Options
 F11 Fullscreen
 ESC Cancel/Go Back
 BACKSPACE Delete Item/Object
 DEL Delete Item/Objects
 HOME To Beginning of Line or Fat of Field or Screen
 END To End of Line or Fat Right of Field or Screen
 PRT SC SYSRQ Taking a Screenshot
 FN Combinations with F1-F12, Some Keyboard has Different Features
 ALT+TAB Cycles Between Opened Software
 ALT+F4 Force Close/Quit Windows
 ALT+F6 Switching Current Programs
 ALT+ENTER Open Properties
 ALT+SPACE System Menu (Current Windows)
 WINDOWS+D Bring Desktop to Top of Other Windows
 WINDOWS+M Minimize All Windows
 WINDOWS+E Open Microsoft Explorer
 WINDOWS+F Display the Windows Search
 WINDOWS+R Open Run Windows
 WINDOWS+F1 Display Microsoft Windows Help
 WINDOWS+TAB Cycle Through Opening Programs on Taskbar

Well… That’s some important Windows Shortcut Keyboard you should know. There are so many more shortcut keys for Windows, but you can learn it after remembering this one XD Special for the “FN” button, some keyboards or laptops maybe have different features (look at the F1-F12, there are some logos right?)


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