Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

Hi, For those who have rooted the devices, instead of using a config, I think the Magisk module is better. In this post, I’ll give you a Magisk module to unlock extreme framerate or 90 FPS in PUBG Mobile without config.

With this module, you don’t need to use any of the configs, and safer than a config, We’ll make a little touch to your devices so we not gonna touch your PUBG Mobile’s data file.

Magisk is a great open-source root solution, offering a “Systemless Interface”, allowing easy modification of your favorite device with peace of mind. Magisk is a module-based application, so its configuration can be as individual as the member applying them.

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

Tested on POCO X3 NFC, Redmi Note 3

Magisk Module Unlock Extreme 90 FPS PUBG Mobile is universal, so you can use it for any type of device as long as you’ve rooted with Magisk and this module can be used for every update of PUBG Mobile I guess.

I don’t know this’s work for others game or not, Just try it, I’m just tried on PUBG Mobile, Just lemme know in the comment below.

Download Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG mobile v1.7

Universal PUBGM 90 FPS Unlocker

UPDATE: It works on PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

How to Flash 90 FPS unlocker with Magisk?

  • Download the module above
  • Don’t need to extract it
  • Open your “Magisk Manager”
  • Tap on the “Module” button

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

  • Hit on “Install from Storage”

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

  • Browse and choose the module you’ve downloaded above

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

  • The module will be flashing automatically after you click on it

Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0

  • Just wait for a few seconds
  • Reboot your devices
  • Open the game

Just that simple!

So how this module works without a config? The answer is simple, I changed your device codename to GM1917 which is the codename of OnePlus 7 pro, so your device will be detected as OnePlus 7 pro by PUBG Mobile so that extreme framerate settings and 90 FPS will be unlocked, This’s safer than a config file.

Last time I used to change to codename from ROG 3 but I think OnePlus is more suitable because I use ROM AOSP based LOL.

So, if you have rooted your devices, This way is recommended and safer because we’ll to touch the data of PUBG Mobile but modified the codename instead.

If you have a problem related to the 90 FPS module or anything to ask me, just drop your comment below, I’ll back to you.


41 thoughts on “Magisk Module 90 FPS Unlocker PUBG Mobile v1.7.0”

  1. Please Update Max FPS in Wildrift LOL update 2.2 Have 120fps but in selected Flagship phone only . can you make 120 fps unlock for wildrift ? please email me if you have thanks

  2. I have Poco F3… I used this Mod the 90fps option is unlocked and selected but when i check the FPS meter it doesn’t go above 61fps… Neither it feels like 90fps gameplay

  3. Dear developer,
    My device is Redmi k30 4g. Code name phoenix, I used your module while I was using other custom roms and it works fine. It got real 90 fps, only one problem is dropping frames in TDM, but I don’t care. I love what it said 90fps and really got when I test. Now I use Customized MIUI elite rom coz it can modify system files, one thing is, when I use your module it can choose 90fps option in game. but not really get when I test it. It only get 60fps in real time. not same as custom rom. Above are just to know my situation. But the question is how can I get real 90 fps in MIUI rom. Any system tricks? Coz I can modify system files If you guide me the way to get it.


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