Config Mobile Legends Stable Ping, 60 FPS Fix Lag

Config Mobile Legends Stable Ping, 60 FPS Fix Lag

Hei! Are you facing lag while playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? or the Ping are red? Don’t worry I’ll give you a config to fix lag and make the ping more stable on MLBB.

Mobile Legends now feels increasingly heavy with the latest updates, because it presents new features and also events that add weight to the game that causes lag on devices that have fewer specifications aka potatoes.

At least you need a Snapdragon 6xx series for running smoothly on this game, but what if you playing on an entry-level smartphone with 1 or 2GB of RAM? Yup, you’ll face laggy with a red ping that so annoying. And also don’t forget to check this “Drone View ML” if you want.

Config mobile legends are quite safe to use because it only changes a few settings in mobile legends so that it can run with low-end devices and smoother during the game and also speed up the loading screen of the Mobile Legends.

Playing mobile legends will be more fun if you can play smoothly without lag and green ping with super low-latency make you play more optimally and become more pro player. LOL

You now, on this site, you can find the config for another game like Config for PUBG Mobile, or Config for Free Fire! Next time I’m gonna add more maybe hahaha.

So, let’s fix the lag on your Mobile Legend with the config file below.

Download Config ML Fix Lag 60 FPS

Config Mobile Legends Fix Lag 60 FPS + Stable Ping

How to Use Config Mobile Legends?

  • Download the Config for ML above
  • Extract it using any supported app such as RAR, Zarchiever, etc…
  • You’ll found some folders (Document, UnityData, UnityData_NEW). “backup” folder is for restoring the original config.
  • Copy all of the folders above to:

Android / Data / / files / dragon2017 / asset / “Paste and Replace Here”

Just paste here and replace all of the old stuff.

How to Restore Config Mobile Legends?

Sometimes the config is not suitable for some phones, so I’ve provided the “backup” file inside the config above. Just extract it and copy the “UnityData” and “UnityData_NEW” to:

Android / Data / / files / dragon2017 / asset / “Paste and Replace Here”

Now you can enjoy the gameplay without lag and feel the more smoothly. This config can be used for 1 GB of RAM or better. Don’t forget to check another game’s config on NyaaTech, I’ve provided a lot of posts for config PUBGM, FF, ML, Maybe I’ll add some in the future.

If you have a question or problem with this config for ML, just drop your comment below, I’ll back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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