Download Config FF Collection (VVIP, Skin, Bundle, Old Pack, Etc…)

download config for free fire

Config FF is some files that include the skin pack of costume, weapon skin, or other skin that you can be used for any account of your Free Fire. Config Free Fire is different than PUBG that using for modified the graphics, but in Free Fire, you can use it for unlocking the VVIP Skin, Old pack skin, Weapon skin, or any other bundles.

As you know, Free Fire is a battle royale game where all players are deployed by plane and must do freefall. Each player must also look for weapons and medical equipment when sent to fight against other players and survive.

In the middle of the game, there will be a passing plane and launch an airdrop in the form of a large box containing bulletproof vests, helmets, special weapons such as AWM, Groza, M79, and M249, or other machine guns. Finding airdrop is also not difficult. This box will emit a vertical or straight line from the sky with its yellow light. To further pamper players, Free Fire gives indicators for items in an airdrop.

If everything has been taken, the light will disappear, and instead, the light will remain on if there are elements that have not been taken. At certain times of the game, the Danger Zone will appear, the circle of the danger zone will be red when viewed from the map. In certain areas of the danger zone, there will be an explosion.

best config ff

In squad mode, a person who is hit by an explosion will be in hit condition but if it happens in solo mode, the player will die instantly. Long-playing time and extensive maps will not make this game end if there is no danger zone. Outside the safe zone, the player’s blood will continue to decrease.

If the player is in a safe area that is too small, the player’s adrenaline will increase as soon as the player has to migrate to another zone. This is where you can see the quality of the players. In addition to the need for war skills and the ability to survive, this survival game also requires calmness and luck. Just like other battle royale game. Source: Wikipedia

Download Config FF Mega Collection

You can download all of Config for FF for free below.


I’ll update the list of configs, so just bookmark this page and comeback somedays 🙂

How to Use Config Free Fire?

NOTE: Before you use any of FF Config, please backup the “com.dts.freefire” folder in “Android/data/” to another folder, Just copy a whole folder. So if you have crashed or the config is broken, Just restore it back and it should be worked again!

Be careful when using the FF config, you may destroy the data and the game will not run correctly again. To use the Free fire config, please follow the tutorial below I’ve made.

  • Download the Config FF above
  • Extract it, you can use any application to extract it such ZArchiever, RAR, etc…
  • You’ll found some files, Yep, those files are the Config for Free Fire
  • Then Copy or Move all of the ff configs to

” Android / data / com.dts.freefire / files / contentcache / Compulsory / android / gameassetbundles / config / “PASTE and REPLACE HERE” ”

  • Congratulation, you’ve completed the tutorial and it should be working now!

Why is Config not Working?

Not working config? Why does it happen? So that’s caused by some problems like you using the old config or the config didn’t match the game version, This’s the main reason why is your FF Config not working or not working again after an update. So you need to update your config again. The second reason is broken config, this is purely the fault of the config itself and we can not do anything unless the config corrected by the author directly.

Where is Config Free Fire Location?

The config of FF is inside the data folder of Free Fire. You can find it easily by using any of File Manager. Just follow these steps to access the Config FF location.

  • Open File Manager
  • Go to “Internal Storage / Android / data / com.dts.freefire / files / contentcache / Compulsory / android / gameassetbundles / config / The config should be here…”

config ff location

  • Now you can replace those configs with others
  • Done

How to Restore Default Config Free Fire?

Sometimes you’ll face this problem, Broken config, Out to date config, or something that broke your data and you cant play the game. So you need to know how to restore Config FF. As I mentioned above, You need to back up the whole of  Free Fire data to another folder and restore it by doing this

  • Open File Manager
  • Go to “Android/data/…” Find and DELETE “com.dts.freefire”
  • Then COPY again “com.dts.freefire” that you’ve backed up before to “Android/data…Paste Here…”
  • Done, The game should be running well again!

Or you can download this “Config FF Remover” and copy all of the folder to “Android/Data..Here..

Wouldn’t it be nice to use premium skins for free in Free Fire? But if you are interested, please do Top Up occasionally to help developers develop your favorite games XD

So, that’s the collection of FF Configs, I’ll update it if have time. If you have any question or problem, just drop your comment below, I’ll help you as soon as possible. Neko

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