(SOLVED) BIOS Can’t Exit on Windows 8, 8.1, 10

 How to Exit BIOS  BIOS – (Basic Input/Output System) is firmware used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process and to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs. The BIOS firmware comes pre-installed on a personal computer’s system board, and it is the first software to run when powered on. Wikipedia In the previous post, I’ve given you the tutorial to enter the BIOS on Windows 10. Normally, to … Read more >>

4 Ways to Enter BIOS on Windows 10 Easily

 Entering the BIOS on Windows 10  How to Enter BIOS on Windows 10 – Windows 10 has a lot of special features and suitable for every people with clean UI and easy to operate it. Windows 10 is a series of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family of Operating Systems (OS). It is the successor to Windows 8.1 and was released to … Read more >>

How to Format SD Card on Android, Mac, and Windows

 How to Format SD Card  One of the most effective ways to clean up data and viruses on a MicroSD / SD Card is to format it. Reformatting is a way to restore the storage memory to an empty condition with certain types of storage. This can be done to correct some of the problems that often occur in storage media. For now, formatting a microSD card can be done … Read more >>

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Uninstall Internet Explorer

 How to Uninstall the Internet Explorer  How to Uninstall Internet Explorer on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10? Is it possible to uninstall/delete this default Microsoft software (Internet Explorer)? Yup, you can do this! Internet Explorer (IE) – is a series of graphical web browsers developed by Microsoft and included in the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems (OS), starting in 1995. It was first released as part of the add-on … Read more >>

3 Ways to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode Easily

Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode Easily

 How to Enter Safe Mode Windows 10  3 Ways to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode – Follow these tutorials if you want to know how to enter the safe mode on Windows 10. Safe Mode is a way to access the Windows OS with only the essential files needed to run Windows OS. This mode can be used to solve difficult or impossible problems if your windows are in a … Read more >>