Assorted Wi-Fi Signal Strength App for Users of Android and iPhone

wifi signal strength app

When you’re in the middle of war then the signal is gone, other gamers would kill you. The connection is everything for a gamer, and the others who work with android and iPhone. One excellent solution is staying close to the Wi-Fi router. Unfortunately, you may feel comfortable playing or working in the room next to the room where the router is located. Then you need a different solution. Download … Read more >>

Best Photo Editor App for Two Famous Smartphone Devices Android & iOS

Best photo editor app

For photographers, photo editor application is not so crucial. They took good photos already and need no filter or edit to make their photos look amazing. But for me – and you, since you’re here –, the best photo editor app probably is everything. Unfortunately, some apps designed for Samsung and other Android smartphones are not available for iOS. Don’t worry; you’ll see the best photo editor app on mobile … Read more >>

How to Open a Zip or Compressed File on iOS 13

open zip file ios 13

Hello there, Maybe you’ve read about how to open zip files on Android, but what about the iPhone? How do I open a ZIP or RAR file on iPhone with iOS 13? iOS 13 has a lot of useful features, one of them on the compress and extract files without having to use third-party applications, we can use the built-in File Manager. How to Compress into a Zip FIle iOS … Read more >>

How to Backup Contacts on iPhone

how to backup contacts on iphone

Hi, Your contact data may be lost at any time, therefore you are obliged to back up your contacts to a place, whether it be in iCloud, Gmail, or iTunes accounts. If one day you lose the contact data, then you can do restore contact that you have backed up before. To back up contacts on Your iPhone, You can use iCloud, iTunes, or email. Well, here I will explain … Read more >>

How to Restore Contacts on iPhone

how to restore contact on iphone

Don’t forget to always back up your contacts. Contact can be lost suddenly, so this time I’ll show you how to restore contacts on iPhone with ease. Apple’s iPhone smartphone is one of the most widely-interested devices in the user’s interest for high-end smartphones, in terms of the technology that exists on any iPhone Apple smartphone without a doubt. But in terms of how to back up iPhone contacts will … Read more >>