Config Unlock All Graphic Settings PUBG Mobile (HDR, Ultra HD, Extreme, 90 FPS)

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted the PUBG Mobile config. But today I’ll share my favorite config to unlock all of the graphics settings in PUBG Mobile. But first please read the No grass config if you want XD.  I feel bad for the new devices or Chipset that still not get the extreme framerates, Like Poco X3 NFC. The new chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G is … Read more >>

Config PUBG Mobile No Fog + No Grass!

no fog pubg mobile

NEW! Download Config PUBG Mobile v1.1..0 No Grass and No Fog! It’s since a while when I posted “How to remove the grass from PUBGM“. But it does not work anymore due to some updates from PUBG Mobile. So today I’ll post the new one and I’ve tested it for worked perfectly on all devices, not only grass, even fog will be removed if you use this config. Keep in … Read more >>

Config iPad View 90° for PUBG Mobile

config ipad view for pubg mobile

Hi mate! How are you? Wanna try something cool? Let’s try this config! this config named iPad view, you can see the angle like iPad players can! To be honest, this config has some negative section such while scoping, the scope will be smaller than usual, it will be annoying for me. And don’t forget to try this config on your new account or make another guest account and try … Read more >>

How to Remove Grass on PUBG Mobile (DWYOR)

pubg mobile no grass no root

Hi survivors! How are u? Wanna do something with your PUBG Mobile? Let’s look at this one. PUBG Mobile without grass OMG. It’s possible? Yes, you can! Basically we will only use the file for removing the grass, so you can still combine it with config or active. sav or Ultra Sound. Wanna try?, Just make a guest account for testing! But I’ve used it for a month and not … Read more >>

Config for PUBG Mobile Collection

pubg config

Download Config for PUBG Mobile Below is the list config PUBG Mobile that you can download for free. Don’t forget to contribute by uploading your config to NyaaTech. Hopefully, it can be useful for other players. Config PUBG Mobile So Smooth Jelly Texture 360p 30 FPS Config PUBG Mobile Very Low Graphics Smooth 360p 40 FPS Config PUBG Mobile Smooth 360p Extreme Potato Project No Anti Aliasing Config PUBG Mobile … Read more >>