(UPDATE) Config Unlock All Graphic PUBG Mobile v1.3.0 (Extreme, HDR, UHD, 90 FPS)

Hi survivor! Thank for waiting for Config PUBG Mobile v1.3.0 which can unlock all graphic (Extreme, 90 FPS, HD, HDR, and Ultra HD). Well, I’ll give it in this post below, Just read it carefully so you won’t make a mistake. In the v1.3.0 update, we cannot use the UserEngine anymore and it’s very difficult to use the config because of the reset issue. So instead of using a config, … Read more >>

How to Use Config PUBG Mobile on Android 11 (R)

Hi survivors! Have you updated your phone to Android 11? there is some changelog they’re made and the bad one is you cannot access the FOLDER of FILE inside the “ANDROID” folder. But the good one is inbuild screen recorder is now support to record internal audio source and mic at the same time, but this’s bad news for config enjoyers! By the way, I’ve published a post on how … Read more >>

Download Config Unlock 60 FPS/90 FPS PUBG Mobile v1.3.0 (No Reset)


Hi guys! Here’s the new config for the PUBG Mobile v1.3.0 patch update. I already suspected that the UserEngine config can no longer be used after the update to version 1.3.0 because the source code of PUBG Mobile itself seems to still follow the update from PUBG Mobile China (Game for Peace). But don’t worry, This time we can still use config Enjoy and Active.sav file for unlocking extreme framerate … Read more >>

How to Change Resolution in PUBG Mobile with Config

Hello survivor! One of the most problems with lagging is caused by the resolution, more highest the resolution is more lag to bring to your devices! You need to set the low resolution in PUBG Mobile to reduce lag and play smoothly if your device has a low-end specification. So, I will give you a tutorial on how to change the game resolution (PUBG Mobile) using a config called “UserEngine.ini”. … Read more >>

Config iPhone 8+ View for PUBG Mobile

How to enable iPhone 8+ Aspec Ratio for playing PUBG Mobile on Android? Well, in the previous post, I’ve posted a tutorial on how to use iPad view on PUBG Mobile Android. But today I’ll give you a config with an iPhone 8+ view ratio. Both Android and iPhone 8 plus have a different on their view while playing PUBG Mobile with iPhone has a bigger view than Android! Keep … Read more >>