Convert Your Photo into Anime Style with Android Instant

photo to anime converter

How to make and turn your photo into anime style? Hi guys, long time no see! how about you? I hope you’ll be good in this pandemic. So how to make your face turn into a cartoon? I’ll explain the easy steps in this post. It’s easy, just use the Android instead of photoshop, Adobe AI, etc.. hahaha. Basically, you need to learn how to create a vector to be … Read more >>

What Anime is this? How to Find out Unknown Anime Title

How to Find out Unknown Anime Title

What Anime is This?  How to Find out Unknown Anime Title?   The legend question for Anime lovers is “What Anime is this?” or “Gimme the Sauce!” XD There is the legend question that many found at the Otaku’s forums. Unfortunately, most of the members it doesn’t give the sauce correctly. They’ll give you the wrong title like “Boku no P***” or others shit title. Seriously! I won’t tell my … Read more >>

Anime vs Manga Comparison | Which One is Better?

Anime vs Manga Comparison

 Anime vs Manga Comparison  Hi Manga lovers! Hi Anime lovers! Did you know there are some differences between Manga and Anime? Yup, although the difference is not much, but I want to show that comparison between Anime & Manga. BTW hay! I’m Neko Welcome to NyaaTech – Get interesting information and tutorials about Android, Tutorials, Gaming, Technology, Anime, Hobbies, Lifestyle. The information provided and the tutorial on this site are all … Read more >>

Top 8 Best Anime Movies Recommendations of All Time

Best Anime Movies

 Best Anime Movies of All Time  Hi, Anime lovers! Anime Movie sometimes has a better story than the series even though the average duration is only 1 to 2 hours. For some otaku, choosing an anime movie with a good story might be easier, but for someone who is new to watching anime, this might be a little difficult because of the many anime movies out there Do you like … Read more >>