(UPDATE) Download Active.sav File Collection for PUBG Mobile

Active.sav File Collection for PUBG Mobile – Get more free Active.sav file for your PUBGM from another version, like taken Active.sav from PUBG Mobile iOS, iPhone, iPad, etc. Why you should use the Active.sav file? With this file, you can try the features from another server or for lock the settings, bring up the features into your account, unlock 60 FPS, 3D Touch, and more… PUBG Mobile has several servers … Read more >>

Active.sav 60 Fps Recoil Reduce for PUBG Mobile

 Active.sav Less Recoil for PUBG Mobile  Hi Chicken Hunter! Wanna try the different Active.sav file for PUBG Mobile? You can try this one! This Active.sav is taken from iPhone XS, Of course you can use it for Android or iOS. Try to combine this Active.sav file with your favorite config (Must be 60fps)! You can use for any type of PUBG Mobile like PUBG Mobile Global, PUBG Mobile Korea/Japan, PUBG … Read more >>

Config Anti Lag Extreme 480p + Active.sav Collection PUBG Mobile for Potato Phone (Snapdragon 420)

Config Anti Lag Extreme

 Anti Lag PUBG Mobile  Hello! I’m Neko Welcome to NyaaTech. If you PUBG Mobile player, you surely know this one, CONFIG! What’s the config? The configuration is an activity where we optimize software performance. Is your phone become lagging while playing the PUBG Mobile? You can fix the lag with this one! Config Anti Lag Extreme Framerates with 480p Screen Resolution. I’ve used this config for Snapdragon 425 with a … Read more >>

Solution for Active.sav Japanese Voice Chat Doesn’t Work After 0.14.0 PUBG Mobile Update

Japanese Voice Chat Doesn't Work After 0.14.0

 Active.sav Japanese Voice Doesn’t Work After 0.14.0 Update  Active.sav File for Changing Quick Voice into the Japanese version doesn’t work anymore? Well, bad news for us :’) The premium Japanese quick voice in Active.sav file is gone after PUBG Mobile update 0.14.0. Whats about the General Japanese version? Of course, you can use it BUT not with Active.sav file. You should set it manually by connecting to Japan server with … Read more >>