Sound or Speaker on iPhone not Working? Causes and Solutions

Speaker/Sound on iPhone not Working
 Speaker on iPhone not Working 

Have your speaker on iPhone is not working properly? or isn’t working for totally? know the causes and try some solutions!

iPhone – is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. All generations of the iPhone use Apple’s iOS mobile operating system software. The first-generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and multiple new hardware iterations with new iOS releases have been released since. Wikipedia

Even though there are lots of very good features, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that over time the iPhone will be damaged, one of which is the sound or speaker.

If you have trouble with your iPhone speaker, it’s like not make any sound when you play the music, try to find the problem!

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Here’s I give some possible cause that makes your speaker not working correctly with the solutions.

Why is Your iPhone Speaker isn’t Working?

speaker on iPhone not working

Most of the speakers that are damaged are speakers that don’t make any sound or noise. This’s because of some several things!

Dust and Dirt

The first cause of problems with the iPhone speakers is that the speaker gaps are dirty and have the most dust. Know immediately whether your iPhone is dustproof? You should do regular cleaning so that this does not happen to the iPhone that you have. Dust or dirt can get into your speakers easily if you have never cleaned it.

Speaker has Entered by the Water

The cause that often occurs, you can not realize that there is water entering the cracks in the iPhone speaker. Not only the iPhone, smartphones that are not waterproof will also be damaged if intentionally or accidentally dropped into the water. Water entering the cracks can cause iPhone speakers to have problems or not make a sound.

Case Covers the Speaker Holes

This is indeed rare and ridiculous indeed, but if the speaker hole is closed automatically the sound produced from the iPhone is not optimal, it can even make the sound not heard because it is closed.

The other causes like falling and external problems…

Solutions for iPhone Speaker not Working

Sound on iPhone isn't Working

If your iPhone speaker is experiencing these things, then here are some ways you can do to overcome the damage that occurs on your iPhone speaker.

Turn off the Bluetooth

Usually, you forget to turn off Bluetooth when using speaker mode. This can trigger the sound of the speaker not coming out. Because the speaker is still connected to the other device. If this happens, you can immediately turn off Bluetooth to turn on the speaker again.

Restart or Force Restart Your iPhone

This is usually the easiest step to do when the iPhone speaker has a problem. Restart the iPhone by pressing the Power and Home Button at the same time until the phone turns off. Later the Apple logo will appear on the screen of your cellphone then you can immediately try your iPhone speaker again. If you are using an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, or others. There are no more home buttons. So you can read How to Restart iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X series.

Reset Your iPhone

If by restarting the iPhone speaker the problem has not been resolved, you can try resetting the iPhone. It’s a good idea before doing this, you back up your data first. Because it is possible, some of your iPhone data is missing. How to reset the iPhone is by going to the Settings menu, then select the General section and tying Reset.

Pairing Headphones or Headsets on an iPhone

By pairing headphones on the iPhone, the speaker automatically will not make a sound. If the cause is because of this, you can overcome it by removing the Headphones or Headsets from the cellphone.

Blew the Dock Connector Section

Don’t lose hope! If the sound does not appear, try with you blow the dock connector on the iPhone. It could be dust that is stuck making the connector malfunctioning, by blowing or you can also use a hairdryer to blow the wind into the connector hole then clean it with a cotton bud that is given a little alcohol not to get too wet because the water from the alcohol can enter and make damaged iPhone.

Update Your iOS

Maybe you should upgrade the iOS to the latest version, sometimes this gonna solve any problem on the smartphone.

However, if you have tried all of these methods and there is still no change to your iPhone speaker/sound, the only way you should do is to visit the iPhone service center. Don’t try to disassemble the iPhone by yourself!

Yup, You can solve any problem on your iPhone by visiting the service center, but you can try the solution above before it!

That’s the cause and solution for the damaged speaker on iPhone!

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